The Investment

The juicy details on how much it cost~

We were determined to make this year's retreat super fabulous but still make it affordable to everyone. 

The 2014 Savvy workshop will be a three night retreat and include the fabulous accommodations

*Meals are not included in the workshop price. BUT we are excited to offer a meal plan that will include a total of seven gourmet meals prepared by a local chef for the total price of $200. The price includes breakfast for three days, lunch for two days and dinner for two nights. 

If you decide not to purchase the meal plan, you will be on your own for meals. Alys Beach has two great restaurants to accommodate you, The Caliza Restaurant and George's . They also have a neighborhood coffee shop, The Fonville Press

The dates are April 30, 2014- May 3, 2014. Attendees will arrive on Wednesday, April 30th at 2pm and stay three nights and will depart on Saturday, May 3rd around 2pm. 

The prices will vary per attendee according to the accommodations you choose.

$1900- King Size Bed with a private bath (single occupancy- that means you will have the bed all to yourself...and we promise no kids will slip in while your sleeping...can you imagine?)

$1750- Queen Size Bed with attached bath (single occupancy) 

$1600- Full Size Bed  (double occupancy) There are two full beds in one room. You can share the room with a friend (as long as you both purchase the seats before they sell out.) 

$1500- Twin Bed (double occupancy- that means someone will be sharing a room with you. If you are traveling with a friend, just let us know when you purchase and we will put in the same room)

$1450- King Size Bed (double occupancy- that means you'll be sharing that big bed with someone... preferably someone you know.)  When purchasing your seat, let us know the name of the attendee whom you will be sharing the room with. If you are traveling alone and want to share a bed with a stranger (soon to-be savvy sister), let us know. We can try to match you up with someone but we can't guarantee it. 

$1400- Bunk Bed (bottom bunk)- you will be sharing a room (think back to camp days but in a super fabulous house).

$1300- Bunk Bed (top bunk)- if you don't mind heights and want to save some money, then grab this option.

$995- No lodging, just the workshop. If you live really close and want to just attend during the day, then you can purchase a ticket for the three full days of the learning and fun. You are also invited to any group events we just sleep in your own bed at night. (and we can't guarantee kids won't crawl in with you in the middle of the night)

I know you are wondering about your housemates (sounds like Big Brother instead of the Savvy Sister, huh?) and we hope to accommodate everyone's wishes when it comes to who you are rooming with. Once you purchase your seat, we will email you a list of questions and you can list the names of the girls you want to share a house with. Please remember it isn't guaranteed but I will jump through hoops trying to get you all together. But it might mean some of you take a different bed size than you had previously selected and the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

**The workshop is may sell your seat if you are unable to make it...but the payment will not be refunded. 

We look forward to seeing you in Alys Beach!!

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