The Speakers

Laura Winslow

Laura Winslow will share her marketing strategies with us and show us how she keeps her clients happy and always coming back for more. She has great ideas to expand your network and to market yourself in field saturated with photographers. 

Laura Winslow  is a modern photographer known for her fresh and colorful approach to photography. Her work has appeared in such publications as BabyTalk magazine,, Celebrate Magazine and Child Style Magazine, among others. Laura created a blog that has drawn thousands of photographers and her most popular feature is Wall Art Wednesdays. Laura is also currently being featured in Professional Photographer and Rangefinder magazines in ads for MpixPro. She looks forward to sharing inspiration with her fellow photographers. 
Visit her fabulous blog here, Laura Winslow Photography 

Kara May

~The photos we love the most tend to be the ones that look effortless and carefree.  But how is that actually done?  
Kara May has perfected this look and is going share with you how she interacts and poses her subjects.  Your clients aren’t models so they truly rely on your guidance during each photo session. This guidance is key to obtaining the look you and your clients’ desire.  Kara is going to work with models, hands-on, and show you how she guides her clients, making them comfortable enabling her to photograph natural, genuine emotions.  She’ll share tips and tricks on working with children and teens that she’s learned throughout her 10+ years in the industry.

Kara May is a Nationally Published Photographer and has been in the industry since 2003. Her soulful images have attracted Rangefinder, Getty Images, the NAPCP, as well as numerous features in many of today’s popular photography blogs. Her ability to evoke emotion through her images have spurred her large popularity. She specializes in children, family, teens and commercial fashion photography.  Kara enjoys sharing her industry knowledge with other photographers all over the country via workshops and private mentoring.  Kara resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where she and her husband are raising their two children – Tyler & Brielle along with their little puppy August.  See more of Kara’s work at

Tamara Burross

From the Treetop Photography~

No great artist ever sees things as they really are.  If he did he would cease to be an artist. - Oscar Wilde

Tap into your imaginative side and explore methods that will spark your ingenuity and help you release the art within. Join Tamara as she demonstrates her creative process and artistic approach toward editing. She will share her extensive knowledge of action and texture application, as well as basic work flow tips to help you achieve beautiful results without compromising image integrity.

Tamara Burross specializes in fine art, conceptual, commercial and child photography. Her studio, From The Treetop Photography, was established is 2006.  Tamara lives in Texas with her husband and three children. 
Inspired by nostalgic colors and classic imagery, Tamara created action sets and photoshop tools that would achieve a vintage look without sacrificing simplicity. 
Her beautiful actions can be found here~ From The Treetop Store.
See more of Tamara's work here~

Kimmy Howard

Newborns are hands down Kimmy Howard's favorite little subjects to photograph.  Over the years she has learned what works best to prepare for these little ones and how to make their sessions run smoothly.  She will share all of her newborn "tricks" as well as teach on parent prep, lighting, workflow, and posing.  Her business of 4.5 years has been a success in the 3 states that she has lived in this short time & she will be sharing different tips to help grow a successful business & develop a faithful client base.  She will also share on how she has developed her brand/style & how it has helped her stand out in the newborn photography world.

Kimmy Howard is a custom art photographer specializing in newborn and child photography in the Indianapolis, IN area. She is passionate about her work and LOVES her clients! Her work has been featured on the cover of ParentGuide New Magazine. She is a wife and mom to three little ones.

See more of Kimmy's work here~

The Savvy Workshop Host~

Marsha Mifsud

Marsha Mifsud is an international photographer who has been behind the lens for the last 16 years. Marsha quickly caught the blogging bug when she started her own blog in August of 2009. After creating this wildly popular photography blog~ The Savvy Photographer~ her small little blog quickly became a favorite place for photographers who desired to learn while being inspired. 

She proudly considers herself a stay at home mom to her three lovely children while running her business and managing the joyful chaos of motherhood. She's the wife of a Navy Captain and has enjoyed following him around the world the last twenty something years {even though she is much too young to have been married that long}.

Marsha is the host of the Savvy Sisterhood Workshops and works crazy hard to create a workshop that will spoil the attendees and then sends them home inspired and recharged~ along with an address book full of new friends...their Savvy Sisters.

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