What airport do I fly into?

The closest airport is Panama City, Florida (about 20 miles away) but you might find better prices if you fly into Ft. Walton Beach, FL (about 44 miles away).

Airport Codes: 
ECP- Panama City, FL  (Northwest Florida Beaches Intl.)
VPS- Fort Walton Beach, FL  (Northwest Florida Regional)

Will I need a rental car?

Once in Alys Beach, you won't need a rental car to enjoy the workshop and amenities of Alys Beach. 
Transportation to and from the airport might require a rental car or the use of a shuttle service. 
Last time many attendees prearranged carpooling to and from the airport and split the cost of the rental car or shuttle.   

How will I meet other attendees before the workshop to arrange carpooling, etc.?

Once your seat is purchased, you will be invited to join our private Facebook page for the 2014 Workshop Attendees. It will give you an opportunity to meet the other girls and also see who is attending. 

What if I am a beginner? I just got a camera and I'm thinking of going into business. 

This workshop may not be the best for someone not in business yet. It will not be a basic, "how to use your camera" workshop. Once you have learned the art of mastering your camera, then I suggest a Savvy workshop. I can recommend many classes for you if you are looking to learn how to use your camera.

Will you have photo shoots arranged for us to portfolio build?

Of course! We didn't choose the amazing location just for the homes...we also found a great locale for amazing pictures. We will have a few "styled shoots" set up around the area and also have a few natural life style shoots set up on the beach. 

Can I bring my kids or husband? 

NO you may not ( I say that with a smile but I'm serious). Since we are staying in houses with other attendees, you can't bring along anyone to share your room with you (unless they are female, over 18 and pay the workshop fee).

I know a great model(s) in the area...do you need models?

Sure we will...send us an email at thesavvyphotographer@gmail.com and title it WORKSHOP MODELS. Give us the details of the model (age, location, availability) and make sure you send a picture. 

Have any more questions? email me... thesavvyphotographer@gmail.com

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